ESSR Annual Scientific Meeting

Ort: Lisbon/Portugal
Datum: 26.06.2019-29.06.2019
The Scientific program will focus on “Hip and Advanced imaging”. We will be reviewing the most significant advances in musculoskeletal imaging with an emphasis on the hip joint over the last 15 years and explore new innovations in our field.The most significant advances in musculoskeletal imaging in the last years have involved the hip joint. Different technical innovations are now usual clinical routines not only in the athlete, but also for postoperative imaging, such as MRI of hip implants.Research trends and worldwide experts underline how Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize radiology in the long term as it holds the potential for improved diagnosis, and many other types of decision making. Improving performance is very important to radiology and we will be discussing our role in healthcare in the future during our sessionsFind out more: www.essr.org